Talent Management

It’s a lot easier being an artist in the music industry when you are represented by an  experienced professionel to guide you in your career. We provide counseling concerning professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions. You keep making great music.


Rights management

We register rights with PRO’s, collecting royalties on behalf of our clients for copyrights that is broadcast on radio and television, played in public, online and everything in between.


Social media

In association with our partners we develop social media strategies, getting you started by managing your social media account, and guide you with your campaigns.


Legal & business

Our global legal and business services are informed by industry best practice. We negotiate agreements on behalf of our client, and draft or advise on contracts.


Licensing & Sync

We negotiate and advise on third-party and synchronisation licences for TV and film. We also conceptualise, manage and license releases for label compilations and sound tracks.