The Fold is a fun bunch of guys who do what they love and love what they do.

Lately that's involved writing a slew of theme songs for our favorite NFL and MBL teams, rocking with Lego Ninjago on Cartoon Network, and of course writing their own brand of rock n' roll, as they've always have.

• Recorded the theme for LEGO Ninjago, Cartoon Network
• Digital Units Sold: 180,000+
• YouTube Views: 53 Million and growing
• YouTube Subscribers: 65,000
• Facebook Friends: 12,000
• Twitter Followers: 5,000+
• Massive social media attention
• Played more than 1100 shows since starting out in 2005
• High-energy, entertaining live performance to meet the live audience
• Physical Records Sold: 80,000+
• Nominated for a Grammy Award for album Secrets Keep You Sick, 2008
• Wrote the theme for Chicago Cubs season on WGN 2012–Present
• Wrote themes for Denver Broncos & Carolina Panthers, performed before each homegame alongside cheerleader choreography and pyrotechnics



Managed by Jeppe Riddervold